Composing An Evaluation Essay On Nutrition: Helpful Instructions

Evaluation essay is a particular type of writing paper that you may have to write as an assignment as a part of your curriculum. Before you start on how to write this kind of a write-up , you need to know how it differs from the other kinds. There are three basic parts of any such writing, a judgment, a criteria and finally, evidence. These three key elements are used to describe your opinion on something, someone, some place or anything in particular.

Parts of an evaluation essay

  • - The judgment is your opinion. You need to represent your opinion in a simple, clear, no nonsense manner. Do not include irrelevant words at all in this part. Simply state what you feel or think about the topic in question.
  • - The criteria are the reasons behind your opinion. You need to have good strong reasons. You cannot base your judgment on your gut instinct or something similar. You need to have hard facts and statistics to back up all your reasons.
  • - The evidence is the facts and statistics that you need to provide for your reasons. You need to collect these facts and statistics from quotable references and sources, and they should be well established facts and statistics.

Tips on writing

  • - Understand the topic first. Be sure you understand the topic before you go any further.
  • - Do your researches BEFORE you make your decision. Your opinion should be based on the facts. You should not try and find facts that can be bent to support your opinion, but you should first learn the facts and then form an opinion based on it.
  • - While researching, note down all the information and statistics that you can find, both for and against your opinion.
  • - When you write the judgment, that is your opinion, make it a separate paragraph. Write in a concise manner. Do not be vague when you write your opinion, so that it cannot be interpreted to be both for and against the topic.
  • - Write down your opinions point-wise, so that it becomes easier for the reader to follow. Give the stronger points first so that your judgment is justified at the beginning only.
  • - Provide the evidence that supports your judgment. Then try and counter the evidence, if any, which goes against your judgment.

If you follow these steps, then you are bound to have a good write-up.