A Complete Tutorial on Writing an Essay About Smoking

Writing an essay about smoking seems to be an easy task. However, you may feel embarrassed looking at your blank page. It is recommended that you study a complete tutorial on how to compose such an assignment before you start working on it. It is also a good idea to find a few useful tips to make your paper flow.

How to Write an Essay About Smoking

First of all, you should revise your assignment’s description to find out the required length of the essay, a number of sources that you should use, and any other nuances. Then, follow this tutorial to complete everything successfully:

  1. Narrow your topic.
  2. Smoking is a broad topic, so you have plenty of possibilities. You can write about why people start smoking, what the effects of that habit are, how people can quit smoking, and more. There are many great ideas that you can come up with while brainstorming alone or with your friends.

  3. Conduct some research.
  4. No matter what topic you decide to write about, you should use some materials and data about tobacco, health concerns related to smoking, and so on to complete your paper. Having enough materials is vital if you want to create a strong piece of writing. Therefore, you need to visit your school’s library, search on the Web, and ask around.

  5. Work on your outline.
  6. You should not start writing your draft as soon as you have gathered all the materials. It is recommended that you create an outline first. This simple step will allow you to stay on course with your topic and organize your ideas in a proper manner. So, your readers will not get confused and understand what your key points are.

  7. Complete your first draft quickly.
  8. After your outline is complete, you should focus and write your first draft quickly. Do not overthink your claims, search for more evidence, correct mistakes, or format your document at this stage of your writing process. You will have plenty of time to revise and edit your work later.

How to Prepare Your Essay for Submission

You should revise your first essay draft carefully. The text should be written is a clear manner, contain strong evidence from reliable sources, and be interesting to your target audience. It makes sense to read your paper aloud so that you will catch mistakes easier and ensure that every sentence has an appropriate structure. Formatting is the last but not least step in your to-do list. Check the instructions of your professor and follow them attentively.