10 Basic Rules For Students Willing To Hire Essay Writer

For many students, hiring someone to write their essay for them seems daunting due to the archaic views perpetrated by educational establishments and students themselves. Fortunately for you, writing services have advanced greatly recently and here are 10 basic rules you should follow when looking to hire a writer.


You should definitely check the reputation when you want to hire essay writer. The reputation is very important, as you want your essay to be completed by someone who is competent and knowledgeable in your field. To see how reputable your writer or agency is, you should look at reviews left by past customers and what they have to say after using their services. Remember to look out for their reliability and the quality of their writing when reading reviews.


Security is a very important aspect when you are looking to solve your query of ‘who can write my essay for me?’ Firstly when you are going through payment, make sure it is going through secure channels. To see this you should be on the look out for a small green padlock symbol on the web address bar of your browser. If it is not present then immediately exit out of the page and do not go through with the payment.

Another aspect of security that is important is whether or not your essay will be used for future customers by the agency or writer. This is vital, as you do not want to be tangled up in unnecessary plagiarism claims by your school/university. Before going through with your order you should seek assurances that this will not be the case.


You should always request for samples when looking to go with an essay writing service. This is important because you need to see first hand the quality of writing that you will receive. Also the samples will be able to show the scope of knowledge of your writer and whether you feel it is sufficient enough to complete your essay.

Here are some further rules to look out for:

  • Whether or not free rewrites are included in the price
  • That you have enough time before the deadline to put in an order
  • That you have explored various other online places for writers such as freelancing marketplaces or other writing agencies
  • The expertise of the writer links well with the topic of your paper
  • A plagiarism report is provided with your order
  • How many years of experience your writer has
  • How many extra services or perks that come with your order.