10 Recent Events That Will Make A Good Title For An Essay About Racism

Racism is a serious issue and more awareness needs to be generated about the subject. Different methods can be applied for doing so and they tend to vary in terms of effectiveness. The thing to understand is that children need to be made aware of the dangers of racism and how they should avoid making any statements, comments that might be construed in society. The most effective way of preventing such a thing from happening is for them to research the subject and understand for themselves why racism must come to an end. If children are asked to write essays on racism, they would have to do an in-depth study of the subject and then they would be able to understand first-hand the horrors of racism and how millions of people are affected on a regular basis by this problem.

List of essay topics

  • What is your opinion on the sharp rise in the number of racist incidents following the EU referendum being catalogued by the Worrying Signs group on Facebook?
  • The governing National Congress in Africa has declared that it wishes to implement tougher legislative measures for the purpose of jailing those individuals who tend to make comments that are considered as “racial bigotry” or seem to be “glorifying” apartheid in any way. What is you opinion on this?
  • Universities and colleges in the United States have been in the news for years for racist incidents. Is this simply a coincidence or does it have deeper implications?
  • Racism in the Beauty Industry: Different Ways the Industry Reminds You that In Order to Be Beautiful You Must be White?
  • What the recent backlash against the casting of black actress Kiersey Clemons as white comic book character in 2018's “The Flash” movie tells us about the pervasive mentality of racism?
  • Do you agree with the statement that the American news media has a hand to play in enabling Donald Trump and The Republican Party's rampant racism during his bid to become the next President of the United States?
  • How the reactions of the police department in the U.S. against the BlackLivesMatter campaign speak volumes about the underlying racist ideals?
  • An African-American national who works as a caregiver for an autistic boy was recently shot by the police despite lying down on the ground with his arms in the air. What do you make of this in the context of racism?
  • An Egyptian official was recently accused of racism by Nigerian envoys. What does this mean on a global scale? Can the racism problem be tackled in South Africa?