Admission Essay

Growing up, I have always been fascinated by any topic related to crime, be it in the news, in the movie or the society in general. My parents too have been asking me what I wish to do after I complete my high school education. After much thinking about this question, I now know exactly what I want to do in life, even in the next four years at college. I have settled for criminal justice, but I know rewards in this field come with results. Soon after I joined the high school, I began to be attracted to some crime career options like probation and criminal psychology. However, I finally made the decision to pursue a career in criminal justice. While in high school, I used to enjoy the criminal debates that we used to have. Furthermore, I enjoy reading books related to crime. I am also hard-working, and I have played a part in some extra curriculum activities at high school, where I took up various leadership positions. During my leisure time, I enjoy socializing and engaging in charity work. That is how I realized I want to work closely with the Society, and the best way would be to solve people’s daily challenges.

Upon entry into the criminal college, I aim at obtaining a degree that will open doors to an attractive career in the world of criminology. I have read a lot of books about ordinary people who through hard work, have done extraordinary things. I would like the society to look upon me even when they have lost all hope in their cases. My desire after college is to become a symbol of protection and justice for all. Acquiring a degree shall allow me to develop and become that ultimate individual, after which I shall give back to the society.

I have chosen your institution owing to its reputable criminology department. Indeed, your institution is highly ranked in the U.S Criminal College profile. The aspect gives me a guarantee that I shall acquire first-rate criminal education in your institution, which is extremely significant for my future career goals. Furthermore, I am fascinated by the college’s settings, and impeccable, friendly interactions that the students and the teachers have. Again, your institution is close to where I live, meaning that I shall have extra study time and less commuting time. The institution’s location gives me a feeling of security and comfort that other criminal colleges would not offer me. Indeed, being close to my hometown has enabled me to become familiar with the entire campus including its reputation; hence it is the right college where I can achieve my educational goals. At the moment, I have decided to pursue criminal justice. I know that your institution offers a wide-range program in criminology, aware that I have to put extra effort to acquire the degree, and that I have to put extra effort to acquire the degree.

After completing high school, I attained good grades. I look forward to beginning my higher education at your institution. I believe that the criminal justice program that your institution offers shall offer me a well-formed background in my career in criminal justice. Again, I feel that joining your college shall enhance my future career perspective. Although I currently want to major in criminal justice, attending your institution shall help me put my future choices into a clear perspective, and also give me a chance to sample various criminal majors as I make the important future career decisions.

I am intrinsically inspired at learning. This, coupled with the fact that your institution offers very good criminal programs, makes your institution the perfect place for my ambitions. If you accept my application, I shall carry the banner of College of Criminology with pride.