A List Of Fifteen Inspiring Essay Ideas About Harry Potter

For some Harry Potter and his adventures in the seven book series may be just a fantasy world full of magic and wizardry, but for the real reader, Harry Potter inspires so much more than just daydreams and an imaginary world.

Inspiring Essay Ideas about Harry Potter

  1. The recurrent theme of friendship as showcased by the friends of all three of the Potters; James, Lilly and Harry.
  2. The death of Harry’s parents and how the book showcases the bonds between the child and the parents transcending death.
  3. Dumbledore’s decision to leave Harry at the Dursley’s doorstep; an examination of the consequences over the years.
  4. Harry and Draco; a friendship headed for disaster or a bond of a lifetime?
  5. The Mirror of Erised and what it exemplifies in our everyday muggle lives.
  6. Harry and the Sorting Hat, how does the will of a person work to overcome any hold that fate may have on his or her destiny? An examination of different characters in the series and how they reacted to similar situations.
  7. Luna Lovegood; an essay on how being unique has its perks and how being yourself is important at all times, no matter how weird.
  8. The change in the tone of the books from the first to the last; does the series exemplify a true coming of age story and how?
  9. Hogwarts – a home away from home. Why was it important to Rowling to nurture this bond between Harry and Hogwarts, as well as the reader and Hogwarts?
  10. Love is a recurrent theme across the entire series with disastrous and wondrous consequences; discuss a few different cases and how Rowling indirectly lead the reader to believe in “love being the actual magic.”
  11. The commonalities in the pureblood wizarding families inbreeding to the British royal family’s history of doing the same.
  12. Muggles and squibs – what happens when an entire segment of the population is thus streamlined and made to feel inferior?
  13. If Lord Voldemort was incapable of experiencing love, then is it reasonable to hold him responsible for his actions?
  14. The Weasley Twins and the importance of having characters who are on the wild spectrum of things as well as being at a different level of intelligence.
  15. Severus Snape through the lens of Harry Potter over the course of the seven years.

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