How to Find 5-Paragraph Essay Examples for Cheap?

Five paragraph essays are the most frequently assigned types of writing not just in freshmen English courses but in developmental English courses as well. The great thing about five paragraph essays is that they are highly instructional formats to use to teach the art of essay and term paper writing.

Models Are A Great Way to Learn This Format

As always with any paper that is strictly formatted, which all term papers are, viewing samples can be a great idea as long as you never plagiarize the writing. Also, you want to believe in your own ideas – not someone else’s. If there were no writers out there who believed in their own ideas, we would never learn or grow as readers, and life would become very dull indeed.

What would be best when viewing these models that I am going to tell you how to find in just a moment, perhaps look only for examples of all of the structural elements and how the author uses them in this format, but bring your own original ideas to the picture.

I had a student once who wrote a five-paragraph essay on how to bake the perfect cake. In each paragraph, she went into one more aspect of the preparation. She divided the steps into the three paragraphs by focusing on the preparation in baking a cake, the actual baking of the cake and how to do that the best, with all kinds of tricks and tips, and how to decorate an inventive birthday cake as well.

Look For all the Elements of a Five Paragraph Structure

Like any five paragraph essay, all essays contain the same elements as a five-paragraph paper. A five paragraph paper requires an introductory paragraph with a thesis statement as the last sentence of paragraph one, three body evidence paragraphs that all provide evidence for and defend that thesis statement, and a good, solid concluding paragraph.

How To Find Great Samples

If you want to find the absolute best samples you can view, be careful with your search terms. One way to weed out the good ones from the not so good ones is to put in search terms such as “award winning” into your search phrase. Or tack an A+ onto your search phrase, ending up with “A+ five paragraph paper samples” or great examples of five paragraph projects.